La Chaise Longue by Le Corbusier

by Luigi Coluccia

During the post war period, after the 1st World War, one of the greatest architects and designers of the modern era, Charles – Edouard Jeanneret Gri – best known as Le Corbusier – conceived and finalized, along with his two trusted collaborating designers, the probably most popular sofas and chairs collection, the one that would have definitely changed theconcept of furniture design all over the world.

The main actors of this success story are precisely Le Corbusier , Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand. The latter became part of the historic atelier 35 in rue de Sèvres in Paris only later, in 1927, as Le Corbusier , at that time conceiving the design of its famous LC collection, by visiting an exhibition of the already established designer, realized that some of his ideas were already put in place by Charlotte.

015-charlotte-perriand-theredlist_Charlotte Perriand sur la Chaise Longue Basculante, Le Corbusier- Jeanneret- Perriand, 1928

Ingenious and revolutionary as an Architect, tireless and lonely as a traveler , Charlotte Perriand has been a master of modern design, being able with her works to influence the trend of contemporary furniture design. She was also passionate about photography, reporting her traveling throughout Europe, by images and notes which have been her inspiration for her future creations: the metal structure of a bridge, the plot of a fisherman’s net, a stone have become concrete ideas for the creation of her design objects.

It is from from Charlotte’s successful and long collaboration with Le Corbusier and Jeanneret that the famous LC4, the Chaise Longue, came to life in 1928, together with the LC1 , Fauteuil à dossier basculant, LC2 and LC3, Fauteuil Grand confort, grand et petit modèle.

LeCorbusier-perriand_chaise-longueLC4_1928 Le Corbusier perriand chaise longue 1928
Le Corbusier-Pierrand, Chaise Longue 1928

Le Corbusier conceived this collection starting from the different seating positions, then adapting the structure to the different ergonomics. He created unique pieces, whose manufacturing was initially given to companies that failed to ensure industrial production on a large scale, letting the collection become an elite product, given the high production costs .

In 1965 Le Corbusier was finally able to ensure production on a larger scale and at a high quality level, as he outsourced the production to the Italian Manufacturer Cassina.

To celebrate the double anniversary, 50 years after the death of the famous architect and the start of series production of the collection, the Cassina showroom in Paris was set up last year by inspiation of the architectural works of Le Corbusier. Inside the showroom, the furniture pieces beloging to the LC Collection can be adired by visitors.


On the Cassina Collection:

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Cassina – LC Collection

On Charlotte Pierrand:

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On Le Corbusier:

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